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Range expansion of HAFT hub bearings

Specialists of the German company Carberry GmbH are pleased to announce the next expansion of the range of transmission system elements manufactured under the HAFT brand. More than 20 new articles of hub bearings are available for order. 


There are a number of advantages of HAFT hub bearings. All parts of the product are manufactured exclusively from high-quality alloy structural steel, as for achieving maximum strength characteristics, company applies heat treatment of parts with high-frequency currents. To ensure a long service life, special diamond cutters are used during polishing of working surfaces of hub bearings. 


HAFT always heeds to the wishes of its customers, therefore the current update includes the most demanded positions of the hub bearings, for example, such as:

  • LV0324 for CHEVROLET Matiz/Spark 05->;
  • LH0265 for RENAULT Logan/Sandero/Clio 12->;
  • LV0339 for VW Amarok 09->;
  • LV0325 for TOYOTA Camry/Avensis/Corolla/Highlander/Venza 08->.

Products of the HAFT brand meet all quality and safety requirements due to thorough control at every stage of production. All factories belonging to the Carberry GmbH are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949: 2009 system. HAFT transmission elements meet all the necessary requirements of EU and CU legislation. Products are covered by an unconditional one-year warranty. The use of HAFT transmission system components on your car is a guarantee of monumental reliability, safety and comfort on the road.

Expansion of the HAFT CV joints’ product line

CV joint is a mechanical joint that ensures equal rotation speed of input and output shafts independently from its own bend angle. The German company Carberry GmbH produces outer and inner CV joints under the HAFT brand. The company's technical specialists ensure constant timely updating of the product range in order to meet all the latest trends and demands of the automotive components market.

Among the main competitive advantages and design features of HAFT CV joints the following ones can be noted:

  1. All parts of the product are manufactured from high-quality alloyed construction steel;
  2. Thermal treatment of each part with high-frequency currents on the first stage of manufacturing ensures maximal hardness of working surfaces;
  3. Lack of gaps in ball coupling is the result of using diamond cutters during polishing of working surfaces of outer cage. This feature ensures long service life of HAFT drive shafts and prevents vibrations across all speed ranges;
  4. Porous chrome plating of the balls and inner cage in constant velocity joints as well as hub's working surfaces allows to reduce noise levels during operation of the vehicle and significantly prolong service life of product's parts involved in the friction.

All HAFT CV joints are supplied with lubricant compound, the main advantages of which are the addition of molybdenum disulfide that reduce friction and high viscosity that prevents lubricant from transforming into liquid and dropping from the joint even in high temperatures during vehicle use.

Among the most interesting new products, the following articles can be distinguished:

  • GI0152 – internal CV joint for DAEWOO Matiz/Tico 95->;
  • GA0292 – external CV joint for MITSUBISHI ASX/Lancer/Outlander 06->;
  • GA0289 – external CV joint for TOYOTA Auris/Corolla 06->;
  • GA0285 - external CV joint for HYUNDAI Accent/Verna 00->;
  • GA0314 - external CV joint for HYUNDAI ix35 09->.

HAFT brand products are elements of car transmission system, designed and created by experienced German professionals. Obtained certificates prove its compliance to the requirements of traffic safety and European quality standards.
HAFT transmission system elements can be installed on almost any second-hand car, including the most popular European and Asian brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault and BMW. Overall, you will find more than 17.000 different car modifications within our catalogue.

HAFT transmission system elements are certified products that meet all the requirements of the EU and CU legislation. Cost minimization, flexible pricing and a one-year product warranty provide the HAFT brand with high competitive advantages. The use of HAFT transmission system components on your car is a guarantee of monumental reliability, safety and comfort on the road.