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HAFT CVDs: another sure challenge

Representatives of the German company Carberry GmbH focusing on production of automotive components and spare parts, have conducted another study of the CVDs produced under the HAFT brand. The results are impressive!

Despite the fact that the Carberry GmbH has entered the Russian market with its products relatively recently, the HAFT branded CVDs have become popular among automobilists. This situation is largely driven by a successful combination of price, excellent operating parameters of HAFT drives and their reliability. The Carberry GmbH experts regularly test their products in laboratory, also involving independent expert companies. Such approach to CVDs quality control ensures that all the HAFT branded products supplied to market is fully consistent with the declared performance.

The company has recently received the results of regular comprehensive tests of its products performed in a special laboratory operating on the facilities of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. These tests were initiated as the HAFT CVDs are now made of steel with improved strength properties. Exactly these drives were provided to the comparative test in laboratory where along with the HAFT products the performance of similar products from other brands was tested. The results of the tests once again confirmed the high quality of the HAFT branded CVDs and their compliance with the declared parameters. The comparison results with some of their competitors are listed below.

In particular, picture 1 shows the comparison of metal structure on the cut of working surface of the HAFT branded CVD’s tooth (right) and that of CVD from the X manufacturer (left). The left picture clearly shows the metal structure failure of the X CVD which can result in its damage during operation.  However, the HAFT product demonstrates a much higher uniformity of metal structure that suggests the stability of its strength parameters.

The obvious advantage of the HAFT CVD is also seen on the picture 2. Here the diagrams show the results of metal hardness testing at different depth of each CVD. Here it is clearly visible (left diagram) that metal hardness of the X drive maintains its high values of up to 2 mm thickness which may result in increased fragility of the product. In contrast, the metal hardness of the HAFT CVD (right diagram) progressively changes which ensures a better resistance to torsional loads.

Carberry GmbH makes debut at MIMS-2017

The Carberry GmbH company is actively preparing for the international exhibition of automotive parts and components, the MIMS Automechanika Moscow, which will be held in August this year in the Russian capital.

The participation in the largest international exhibition of automotive parts and components in the Eastern Europe, which the MIMS Automechanika Moscow truly is, best demonstrates the high status of a supplier and manufacturer of automotive components which  the German company Carberry GmbH clearly intends to demonstrate to their current and future potential partners. The main goal of participation in the exhibition is to present its innovations and innovative technologies to the professional community, discuss further cooperation plans with partners and outline prospects for development.

In fact, the Carberry GmbH company does have something to show, as by now the company owns six well-known brands on the Russian market, each corresponding to a specific spare parts group. Those are brake system components (BLITZ brand), shock absorbers (TORR brand), parts and components of suspension (FIXAR brand), transmission units (HAFT brand), filters (GREEN FILTER brand), as well as different types of radiators (FREE-Z brand).

All these automotive components will be available at the MIMS-2017 both for experts and the general public for which the Carberry GmbH will use a specially designed stand which style will correspond to the trends of its progressive development.  The stand visitors will be able to discover new components and new spare parts series supplied to our market, consult leading experts of the company, as well as participate in technical seminars.

Please visit our stand: Forum pavilion, stand F631.